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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions people ask about MyMedicRecord.com. For complete information on how to use our service, please download our User Guide. For a list of reasons why MyMedicRecord.com is the easiest way to store your Personal Health Records, click here.

Who is Mymedicrecord.com?

Mymedicrecord.com is a Bengaluru, India based company. Parent company was founded in 2010. Our Mission is to give consumers greater control over their personal health and medical records, as well as other vital information.

What does Mymedicrecord.com do?

Data is stored on cloud and it can be digitally delivered by any device, anytime, anywhere.

What exactly is Mymedicrecord? What are the benefits for me?

Mymedicrecord.com (MMR) is a secured cloud based platform where all your medical records / data are saved which includes any scans, reports, etc. for future use such as second opinion, archiving & any other uses.

Major Benefits
Can I upload images?

Yes! Mymedicrecord.com gives you the powerful ability to upload images such as x-rays, scans and MRIs into your account directly from your PC. So in addition to documents, MMR lets you store pictures as well.

What about the confidentiality and security of my information?

Mymedicrecord.com's primary concern is the security and confidentiality of subscriber information, which is why the Company employs state-of-the-art security and encryption technology to protect subscriber data.

Each account is secured by a unique combination of User ID and password. If the MMR system detects multiple attempts to access an account with an incorrect password, it will “lock” the account.

In addition to passwords and data encryption, data access is protected through multiple levels of network security to prevent unauthorized access and to help protect the privacy and integrity of customer data. We use state-of-the-art firewalls which permit or deny connections based on packet filtering, application proxying, and pre-existing sessions. MMR employees do not have access to any information placed into the system by our customers. We do not know what is in the records saved; and we do not sell this information to anyone. Our Customer Care Representatives do not know any user passwords and can only reset a password upon verification of the user.

How do I file my records?

MMR provides you with multiple file folders for categorizing and storing your records. While we offer suggested default names for these folders.To file your records, simply click on the "file" link and a form will appear that lets you choose as many different folders as you want in which to file your records. You can also add information such as doctor name, and date to the record, as well as your own comments.

How do I access my health records?

You can view all your records using your log in details anytime you want. You can also download your reports for any further uses.

Who all can access my health records?

Anyone authorized by you. For example, the doctors / hospitals can access your records after your authorization for the purpose of studying the history of your complication.

How do I find my records after they are filed?

Each time you access your account, you can see all of your records listed by clicking on the "My Medical Record" button in the navigation bar. Your records can be sorted by title, by date, by doctor, by family member. Click on the view link and you can see your record; click on the edit link and you can change information about the record. You also can locate records by using our free-form search feature.

Can I give someone else access to my information if I choose?

Yes. The information is yours and you can do with it as you please. You should treat your MMR password with the same care that you treat the PIN on your ATM card.

Can I delete information from my account?

Yes, you can delete any document. However, please bear in mind that once a document is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Can I cancel the service?

Yes. You can cancel your MMR subscription at any time. If you subscribe to an annual plan, the excess, if any, of the annual subscription paid over the monthly subscription cost for each of the elapsed months, both full and/or partial, from the most recent starting date of the Annual Subscription, will be refunded to you. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, the excess, if any, of the months paid in advance will be refunded to you. No refund will be provided for the month in which the Agreement is terminated. If you cancel the service, we will continue to make your information available to you for an additional 30 days after which time your files will deleted and you will not be able to access them.

How much do I pay for this facility and what is the tenure of this enrolment?

Please refer the Subscription Plan details.

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