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About Us

My Medic Record is a multi disciplined start-up company in Health Care Industry. My Medic Record offers an innovative Web and Apps services with Cloud based on-line platform for public to store, view, retrieve forward medical records with convenience, trust, affordability and availability for digital delivery by any device, any time, any where. It works as Digital On-line safety Locker for your medical records to Preserve and Protect Health Information records digitally, Bridging the gap between you & your health records. System supports Pet's medical records too.

Digital On-line safety Locker for your medical records

Preserve and Protect Health Information records digitally. Bridging the gap between you & your health records.

Easy Accessibility

Data is stored on cloud and it can be digitally delivered by any device, anytime, anywhere.

Takes away the pains of Manual Record Management

Cost of Manual Records - Assemble, file, retrieve, or distribute the hard copy cost Time and Money.

Storage of the paper record necessitates the use of valuable space that could be better utilized.

The paper records need to be protected from water, fire, rodents, insects or mishandling to preserve their physical integrity.

Duplicate patient testing required to replace lost or missing test results is an expensive disadvantage.

Lost productivity - Various inadequacies of the paper record results in Lost Productivity.

There is no ability to sort data fields in a paper record. Manual review is a very labor-intensive process, and inaccuracies can occur.

Lack of Accessibility - Only one person at a time may use the record and it has to be in a single location.

Difficulty of updating the paper record, for it needs to be delivered by hand to each location of care.

Chances for losing or misplacing the records are more.

Quality of manual medical records - There are limitations to the physical quality of the paper record.

The paper is fragile and does not last permanently.

Normal use of the record may result in torn or stained documents. Also, over the years, the ink used to complete documentation can fade.

Fragmentation caused by manual medical records - Fragmentation of record occurs as the result of multiple encounters with different healthcare providers.

Minimal or no exchange of information that contributes to compiling a longitudinal medical history for the patient.

Pets Medical Records

Human medical records and Pet's Medical records are very different. System supports both.

Easy to Operate

It is an App based Platform application for smart phones coupled with NFC- QR Code technology to digitize medical records and systematically store Online: Just take pictures of your physical records using the application and upload into specific folder(s).


Syncs yours and your family and pets health history, diagnoses, medicines, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and lab and test results in one secure place, within an online cloud based portal systematically.

Customized Personal profile

Helps you create a personal, secure account to review all of your health information anytime, anywhere on any device. Increased patient participation in their own health care.

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